The Number One Way To Create A Limitless Life

Freedom isn’t something to aspire to, it’s a state of being. The reason so many are living lives they feel limited by is because they keep seeking validation and permission from people instead of from the source of their freedom. Themselves.

So, you’re working in an OK job but you’re not progressing in life, you want more time to build meaningful and connected relationships but you’re too busy working, you’re a boss ass babe who can take care of herself but you need that job to pay your bills, you’re starting to worry about getting older, having children, meeting a life partner etc, etc, etc but it all feels too overwhelming and you start to believe that you may never have the life you desire….

I get it! I really do. I was once you but I want to kick that belief in the butt before it even has time to manifest into your reality.

I used to think my ideal day, let alone my dream life, was completely out of reach. So, we cling on to hope for dear life and stay in pursuit of happiness. It’s far more intoxicating to live in an uncertain idea about your reality, than it is to know you’re the creator of your life and live each day taking 100% responsibility for the outcome. 

If you’re here because you want to build something of your own instead of building someone else’s dream for the rest of your life and you have absolutely NO idea where to start, then you’re in the right place. I tried a lot of different business ventures before finding affiliate marketing as an option. It’s like that Buddha quote, “When the student’s ready, the teacher will appear.” Well that’s exactly what happened. I was ready and open to opportunities and it just so happened I came across The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business Education & Automated Selling System.

If your new to this whole online thing it can sound really ‘cool’ when people say I’m a digital nomad or I make money online and it’s true, it is cool but it’s also challenging because you have to break through a tonne of fears and really find the confidence in yourself to show up in ways you never have before. 

On the flip side, the benefits of having an online business far outweigh your fears and taking a more traditional approach to business. In actual fact, most business owners own a job, not a business. They have no time for themselves and are constantly stressed out. If you’re currently a service provider or have a traditional business like a franchise or something similar, you’ll understand what I mean. 

The thing about a purely online business is you don’t get paid by the hour, you get paid based on the amount of value you give. The best thing thing about the Affiliate Marketing business model is that you can leverage other peoples products and sell them for a commission, which means you’re able to give value without even lifting a finger. My absolute favourite thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you can’t fake it. At the end of the day, you can spend thousands of dollars on ads and pretend you’re a success but if you’re not converting your leads into sales ($$$) it doesn’t matter and you’re effectively losing money so you’ve only scammed yourself. 

What’s the number one way to create a limitless life?  

It’s not to quit your job and invest in bitcoin, if that’s what you’re thinking. Like the famous author, Robert Kiyosaki said, you should start with anything that is product-driven and extremely easy to fulfil on. It has to be something you believe in and feel confident selling. It needs to be a product you can sell, every week without spending a lot of your personal time on customer service and support. The last thing you want, after 60 or 70 hours of work, is to come home and have to deliver whatever it is that you’re selling. I’ve seen a lot of digital marketing agency owners fall into this trap and basically just a lot of business owners out there.

So, what’s the number one way to create a limitless life? Affiliate Marketing. The freedom business model as I like to call it. For anyone who thinks this is like network marketing, I want to clear up straight away that it’s nothing like network marketing. With affiliate marketing you have total control of what you promote. You’re not stuck selling a single product and you don’t have to sell to your friends and family. Disclaimer: No culty vibes!

With affiliate marketing you can create a message and personal brand around your own unique passions. I know a girl who created her affiliate marketing business for horse riders who want to gain back time so they can spend more time riding their beloved horses. You can be that specific. A limitless life is within reach for you, if you’re open to exploring a new opportunity.

Get started with Affiliate Marketing.

Did you know you can create a second income stream with an affiliate marketing business, without quitting your day job? Because you can automate your sales process, you can make sales while you’re sleeping. Literally. So even when you’re at work or sleeping, you are busy growing your income.


Sell with E-commerce
Another option, to start creating your limitless life, is to sell physical products. With physical products, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or have some big grand idea. You can order existing products in bulk at a fraction of the cost and then set up a sales system.  I know someone who bought a product for $1 and was selling it for $20 and was selling hundreds of these products a day. You do the math.


Opportunities like Amazon FBA will do the heavy lifting for you. They will process the payments from customers and deal with the packaging, distributing, and customer service. In the meantime, you’ll get busy selling the products and setting up marketing and ad campaigns to make those sales happen – which you can do around your job in just one or two hours a day. We teach you all this and hold your hand through the entire process, in our amazing online education training modules and community. You’ll also have access to personal coaching from the best digital entrepreneurs in the world. 

Something to consider as you go into this
Whatever you decide, making your first 10 sales online will be the hardest. But once you’ve made your first few sales, you’ll gain the confidence that you need to keep going and start growing. We teach you exactly how many sales you need to be making each week and each month to have a steady business that’s going to eventually replace your income.

People always want the ultimate answer to the question “how long is it going to take?” It won’t happen over night that’s for sure but it CAN happen in as little as 1 week to 12 months to make your first 10 sales. If it makes you feel any better, it took me 2 years to make consistent income online. It comes down to whether you’re delivering the right message or product to the right customer at the right time (we teach you EXACTLY how to do this)– and of course, your commitment to learning the digital skills you need to succeed. 

If you’re serious about starting an online business, around your passions, and you’re ready to start building something of your own, instead of building someone else’s dream and you’re looking for a genuine way to do it around your day job, without having to break the bank, and at the same time, not have a ceiling on your income potential then be sure to check out my FREE video training boot-camp that’s responsible for helping hundreds of women, just like you, make multiple six figures online and they all started out exactly where you are now, from scratch, and around their day jobs.    

It’s totally free and it’s totally void of all the usual hype and false promises you see online, so don’t worry, you won’t be taken for a ride.


With a little dedication and commitment to your own personal growth as well as some world-class marketing skills (that we’ll teach you), you’ll be bouncing off the walls with joy, purpose and experiencing way more out of life than you ever imagined possible for yourself. You’ll be able to take control of your health again, cultivate more meaningful relationships with all the time on your hands now and you’ll have the freedom to work, where, when and how you like so you can create the most optimal environment for YOU. Not only that, once you start earning your own income online, you’ll officially be a BOSS ASS BABE who can take care of herself, forever.

Tha Happiness Guide by Tahnya Iva 

A note from the author

I believe everybody deserves to live life with the freedom to be their authentic self. The journey back to self after years of social conditioning, gaslighting, manipulation and generational trauma can be complicated and lonely but it doesn’t have to be long.  I’m pleased to be able to offer a complimentary call to anybody who feels working together might be beneficial for them. You can book a private coaching call with me here. It’s completely free.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I got started and built a successful online business around my passions that allows me to work where, when and how I want, I highly recommend checking out my FREE Masterclass on how you can become your own boss and ditch the 9 to 5 for good. I’m passionate about helping people escape the 9 to 5 because it’s also what broke me and led me down a path of deep healing and self discovery. You don’t have to stay anywhere your soul doesn’t belong! In the Masterclass, I reveal a powerful way to start earning an income online so you can enjoy the freedom and success you deserve. Click here to access the FREE Masterclass now.




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