Services Offered

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

This session is designed to help you find peace and empowerment in a soul-wrenching and almost unbearable time in your life. During this session I provide tools and guidance to my clients which transforms their perspective and connects them back to their true source. These 1 on 1 counselling sessions are designed to provide immediate relief and bring healing.

narcissistic abuse recovery

Life Coaching

I work primarily with people suffering from extreme co-dependency, anxiety, depression and past trauma. I also work with high-achievers who aren’t fulfilled in their current career and help them find a pathway to freedom and fulfillment. These session are designed to help you overcome life challenges with ease and joy so you can move forward with conviction.  I provide accountability so you can stay on track and achieve your goals and I also act as a mirror so you can safely confront what’s holding you back in life.  My life experience combined with my coaching skills will help improve your relationship with your intuition, emotions, self-esteem and confidence and money.

life coaching with Tahnya Iva

The idea is not to come into these sessions with a specific goal but with an open mind. I’m not here to ‘fix you’ but to call you forward and help you claim leadership over your life, so you can attract and receive everything that is in alignment with your true essence.

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life coaching with Tahnya Iva

About me

‘Awaken Your Happy!’

My vision is to live in a world where the vast majority of people are conscious and in touch with their inherent worth so they can move through life with a sense of wholeness.

I am an eternal optimist, super empath, healer and writer. I have spent 5+ years and over $50,000 on therapy and personal development. I’m also a survivor of narcissistic abuse and have been on a spiritual journey for a long time. My life experience combined with my wisdom and empathic superpowers can help you heal and move forward in your life. Get in contact with me today by scheduling a session with me via the above calendar and see how my services can improve your overall quality of life and happiness.

– Tahnya Iva

Happy, Fulfilled Clients

Unedited feedback

“I appreciate you a lot. I have really grown to be more aware and wholesome and I’m very grateful.”

Eva King Kamene

“I have never met someone that I could connect with on so many levels and someone who could verbalise all my thoughts and help me put so much into perspective with no judgement. There were days I honestly felt I was not going survive, just from the heart ache and the pain – it was all too much but then I would have a conversation with you and it felt like the load was lifting. I’m so much more aware, I’m more patient and I’m better skilled to handle the trials life throws at me. Please continue to share your gift with the world – we need you.”

Tania Lee

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Desire is the closest emotion to fear. Sometimes, not getting what you want IS the gift. Staying open to receive what’s truly meant for you is the key to happiness.

– Tahnya Iva