Re-write Your Negative Money Story In Less Than 5 Minutes

I want to be rich.  And before you judge me, so do you, you just don’t admit it.

I know you judged me as soon as you read the first sentence. It’s OK and I forgive you. 

Did you know that the average household has $135,529 worth of debt. Makingsensesofcents data

The majority of the world has a negative money mindset. It’s no surprise that 1% of the world’s population owns over 50% of the world’s wealth. I don’t tell you that to dishearten you but to wake you up. If the money’s not in your pocket, it’s in someone else’s. 

Most women think money talk is dirty so they don’t claim their abundance. I asked a few women why the got started in business in the first place and they said things like:

  • Not feeling ‘replaceable’ to a big corporation. 
  • Tired of toxic workplaces and workplace bullying 
  • To be able to look after my Mum. 
  • I got made redundant.
  • More flexible schedule and I wanted to be my own boss.
  • To ‘fill my cup’ so I could feel myself again.
  • etc…

Only one woman said to build wealth. She was clear and didn’t apologise for claiming her birthright abundance. I don’t know her financial position but I would think it’s in a better state then the rest of the women who answered my survey.

I didn’t start my blog for the money but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to solve all my problems without it. My blog was a second income stream idea. I had lots of value in my head that I wanted to get out into the world and Tha Happiness Guide was a way I could package it all up and offer it as a product. To add value. Money is a byproduct of delivering value. Nothing more and nothing less. Money doesn’t define your worth or your possibilities.

Let me paint a scenario for you. If Beyonce lost her billion dollar empire, how quickly do you think she’d be able to build it back up? Probably in a couple of world-wide tours. What about someone with no skills or talents inherited lots of money then lost it, how quickly do you think they’d be able to recover? Probably not so quickly.

Most women think if you desire or state that you want to be ‘rich’ you’re a greedy, selfish human being and it’s also why so many negative money beliefs are still circling our society.

Your negative beliefs and stories around money are keeping you stuck and in ‘just enoughness’ to not be broke. You’re here because you’re curious about where I’m going with this and how you can heal your negative money story right? Well, curiosity got the cat. So you cool cat, let me dive deeper into your subconscious and the way our minds are programmed so you can kick those negative money beliefs out the window, once and for all! 

Your Money Story

Your money story is shaped by so many factors; how we were raised, our parents attitudes, our career choice and so on. Your experiences in life, up until this very moment have shaped the way you perceive and relate to money. It can be hard to shift your money story when you don’t know the exact moment it became limited. Think back to a time when you were younger, below the age of 7. Was there a moment or situation you can remember, something your parents said or did that impacted your money story today? It could be as little as them saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees you know?” (My Mum used to say that to me all the time.) 

I remember I always wanted to break free from that story. While I knew what she was saying made logical sense, it felt so limiting and depressing on a soul level. You probably feel this way to because on a soul level we are inherently abundant. We know deep down we can manifest all that we desire into reality but it’s the battle with our minds and the stories we tell ourselves that limit us.

My Money Story

I got my first job at 13. I wanted to start working right away. I knew it would give me the independence I so desperately needed and wanted. My parents never taught me the importance of saving money nor did they ever give handouts. If my brothers or I needed money, we have to work for it, whether it was a payment for doing chores around the house or walking the neighbours dogs while they were on holidays. We had to work for it. Money was also used as a way to control our household so I developed this money story that said if you had money, you were a controlling and manipulative person and funnily enough, most of the bosses I had after I left University, we’re exactly that. Controlling and manipulative. It’s like a I manifested it into my own life. Only while writing this do I realise my subconscious thoughts created my reality so over time, I began to resent money even more, to the point where I quit my six figure job in marketing at 28 years old. Almost as a rebellious act against money. Like I don’t need you, I can do just fine without you. Woah. Light bulb moment! Anyone else feeling that haha

But that’s the truth, your subconscious thoughts, gone unedited will determine your reality.  I had to do a lot of work around my money story and mindset so that I could create a new reality and a new relationship with money. 

Setting that intention alone, things began to shift for me. 

It was like a lightbulb went on and once you’ve turned the light on, you can’t ever go back to the way you once related to money. It’s a beautiful thing. 

So how do you shift your negative money story into a more positive one if you can’t pinpoint your negative subconscious beliefs on your own?

How To Transform Your Money Story & Claim Your Abundance! 

Let’s change the narrative and find joy in claiming your new positive and abundant money story! I Want to be really really rich. Say it with me! We can only heal what we bring to the light.

Words Matter!

Speaking your desires out loud and talking about money positively is a very healing way of changing your relationship with money. Writing is also a great way to bring your subconscious beliefs about money to the surface so they can be healed. Writing this blog article alone has helped to heal aspects of my money story. Money will play a huge role in your life, up until the day you die, make it a positive one. 

Raise Your Money EQ

Your emotional intelligence around money is far more important than your IQ around money. School teaches you a little bit about elevating your money IQ but nothing about elevating your money EQ. Let me break it down. Your emotional intelligence with money is about your relationship with money. Yes, did you know you are in an intimate relationship with money but you didn’t even know it? If you have a low emotional intelligence, it will be difficult for you to have a happy, healthy and thriving relationship with a human being as well as with money. You must heal the root belief you have of money before you can improve your relationship with it. For example, a common myth and negative belief is that, if I earn more money than my peers, I’ll lose my friends. We like to stay in the same social circles and in our relative wealth circles because it’s comfortable. But this won’t help you heal your money story. You have to stretch your brain to heal your money story and that’ll require getting uncomfortable. Think of a root belief you have that is holding you back from healing your relationship with money and write it down. Keep it in your wallet and look at it everyday. This will keep you aware of your subconscious thoughts and shine light on them. You can’t heal what you’re not aware of. This is far more powerful than chanting positive affirmations all day long. Trust me! 

Appreciate Money

“How do I appreciate something when I don’t have it Tahnya?” I get it, I get it. It sounds silly but what you emit, you attract. If you appreciate money (even if you don’t have it), you’ll bring more into your life. You may not know exactly how yet, but it will come if you continue to appreciate money. This also has to do with having a positive relationship with money. If you don’t appreciate your partner, do you think they’d stick around? 

Act as if you are already rich. Donate money. Invest your money. Develop a good give and take relationship with money. A positive money story doesn’t just help you receive more money, it helps you give it away just as easily. If you can’t give it as much as you receive it, you will always have a tense, controlling relationship with money and that’s just well, exhausting. Be generous with your money, but be mindful of where it’s going.

You Are Who You Hang Around

I want you to think of scenarios where you’ve constantly encountered people or scenarios that proved your negative money story to be true? It could be at work, in relationships, with your parents or with yourself. Another negative money belief I had manifested itself in the romantic relationships I chose. I had a negative money belief that said unless I’m paying a price, I’m not worthy of love or acceptance. Funny thing is, LOVE IS FOR FREE. You don’t need to pay someone to be loved or accepted but for years I attracted partners who didn’t have a job, we’re lazy and would ask me for money or my car or anything else they could use that didn’t require them to work. Until you acknowledge your unconscious thoughts around money, your story can’t change. You’ll continue to attract circumstances you don’t want and bang your head against the wall, asking WHY. Well now you know why. Awareness is the key.

Stop Trading Your Time For Money

Most women think I have to work really hard and continue exchanging my time for money until I retire. We think the harder I work the more money I will have. Except the harder you work, the more bills you have and eventually your bills surpass your income. Then what? 

Thankfully, there are much better ways to live and work in today’s digital economy. We’re in a constant race to the bottom when we work for a salary. We hope our car rego doesn’t come this month or that our mortgage doesn’t keep us stuck in a job we hate, all our thoughts go to hoping we’ll have enough money at the end of each paycheck to make sure we can fund our life. 

This isn’t a way to live. Let’s aim to work and LIVE not just live to work..

So when I say “I want to be rich!”

I mean it. 

I want to be rich in experiences

I want to be rich in health

I want to be rich in choices

I want to be rich in spirit

I want to be rich in connection

I want to be rich in wisdom

I want to be rich in meaning

I want to be rich in generational wealth.

I want to be rich.

It feels incredible to know that I’ve lived a rich life and to know my children’s children will also live a rich life because of the choices I made today. Let’s change our money story to a more positive and accept that you want to be really, really rich. We can’t heal what we can’t see. We can only heal what we bring to the light.

I hope you live a rich life and your children’s, children, children also live a rich life.

How You Can Get Started Creating Generational Wealth

If you find yourself stuck in a job you hate or struggling to move forward in your life with no clarity, I’m here to help you. Tha Happiness Guide is improving the lives of every day millennial women by empowering them with the skills and resources they need to create a limitless life.

If you don’t become aware of the negative money beliefs holding you back, you’ll continue to feel defeated and uninspired in life but if you choose to invest in yourself and up-skill yourself with the tools and resources you need to create a limitless life  you’ll feel more empowered, free and happy!

If you’d like to learn more about how I was able to create a rich life with more flexibility, security and adventure, please click on the link below.

Tha Happiness Guide by Tahnya Iva 

A note from the author

I believe everybody deserves to live life with the freedom to be their authentic self. The journey back to self after years of social conditioning, gaslighting, manipulation and generational trauma can be complicated and lonely but it doesn’t have to be long.  I’m pleased to be able to offer a complimentary call to anybody who feels working together might be beneficial for them. You can book a private coaching call with me here. It’s completely free.

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