A Proven Digital Business System, Designed To Empower You With The Skills You Need To Earn An Income Online, So You Can Be 100% Self-Reliant & Independent!


This proven digital business system (with a built-in income stream) is like no other on the planet. It empowers the average person to go from stuck and unfulfilled to happy and on purpose!

Not only is it designed to empower you with high-paying skills that will last you a lifetime but it’s also about self-mastery and becoming self-reliant, which is 100% possible in today’s digital word.

Inside Mentor’s, we show you how to be resourceful, market your brand online (profitably) and show you step-by-step (no-fluff) how to become an entrepreneur and create the life and business of your dreams, with more time, money and freedom!

Mindset is a huge part of succeeding in anything you set out to do, but I believe the most important part of your journey will be learning how to back yourself. Your happiness and success in life is directly related to how willing and capable you are of backing yourself, your dreams and your vision, even when the whole world is against you. If you want a better quality of life, the Mentor’s Digital Business System is designed to make it 10X simpler for you. No products, no employees and no distribution or office requirements make this system the most freedom-based business model in the world. It’s why I chose it. After suffering from low-self esteem and toxic relationships for most of my life I couldn’t see a sustainable way of empowering myself to becoming 100% self-reliant until I came across affiliate marketing and online business models such as e-commerce.

I have to let you know, that starting a business isn’t easy, there will be moments where you’ll want to give up and say ‘This won’t work for me”, but if you stay consistent, focused and know WHY you’re determined to create a better quality of life for yourself or your loved ones, then the sky’s the limit and quitting won’t even be an option. If I can do it, so can you!

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The 2 Business Models That You Can Get Started With Today

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is, in my opinion, the absolute best way, for the everyday person, who has no product, capital or employees to start a profitable and successful business, not only that, it’s the only model where you’re absolutely free to create, recommend and market with products that are only aligned with your highest values. Not only is it an opportunity to become geographically and financially independent, it’s also an opportunity to become spiritually free. If I hadn’t come across affiliate marketing, I would probably still be stuck in a 9 to 5, working 60 – 70 hours per week, feeling undervalued and underappreciated, doing something I wasn’t passionate about.

E-commerce also makes this a possibility for you, I just love affiliate marketing because you get to work with people specifically so if that’s you’re thing you’ll love affiliate marketing!

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t require huge start-up capital like most businesses either.

Affiliate marketing explained:

Take the offline world for example. Every single day you walk into shops or retail outlets and there are products available for you to purchase. When you buy those products you obviously pay the shop owner. That’s how we see traditional business done every day. In the Internet world, most of the business owners with products and services have to rely on ‘affiliates’ to get customers through the virtual door. So, say you found a new shop in your local town and you tell your brother or sister about this new shop and that they have some awesome products in there. Then, the following day, they go to the shop and buy something you recommended and the shop owner gets a lovely referral from you, but you don’t see anything in return for that referral. Well, with affiliate marketing, on the Internet, you have the opportunity to make
referrals and get paid, every single time someone you refer buys something.

As an affiliate, any referral you make, that leads to somebody completing a purchase, earns you
a commission or a bank deposit. It’s about finding customers or potential customers who are looking for a particular product and service, then playing that middle man and making that referral. People are doing it for marketplaces like Amazon every day.

One of the greatest things about this business model is that you have the potential to build a business around your passions by finding and selling product or services that you’re passionate about. Chances are there are people who have already created products around that niche or market, so you get to sign up as an affiliate, work on your
business, make referrals and potentially start getting paid for that work. The obvious question is, “Why aren’t more people doing affiliate marketing?”. Well, I think its because a clear understanding of the different ways of making money on the Internet is still widely unknown and new. It’s not until you make a decision to become educated in this area that you’re going to really see the opportunities around you.

Affiliate marketing can empower you to get your chance at real success. If you’re somebody who likes the idea of making money online but you don’t know where to get started, and don’t have your own products to sell, but you like the freedom that’s offered with an Internet business, maybe you want a second income around your current job or maybe you want to be in a situation like I was and become 100% location independent and free from having a boss forever, then my advice would be to “become an affiliate marketer.” You can start right away, and it’s definitely not as hard as it might sound. Once you get the education, the amount of money you can make is almost unlimited, if you work for it. People are scaling up their income every single month, once they master the basics. Affiliate marketing is definitely something you’ll want to consider if you’re ready to reclaim your power and live life with no limitations. I hope we can do this together, because selfishly I’d love to have more friends in this space but also because I absolutely KNOW it will change your life forever.

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2. E-Commerce

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet.  Almost anything can be purchased through e-commerce today. One of the biggest advantages of E-commerce, to business owners, is cost reduction. Many sellers have to pay a lot to maintain their physical store. They may need to pay extra up front costs like rent, repairs, store design, inventory etc but e-commerce doesn’t have these expenses. All you have to do is set up an online shop front and maintain the website. It’s never been cheaper to start a business online. The only other thing you need to master is sales and marketing online and that’s where the Mentors partnership comes in! 

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Get free instant access to Module 1 of our signature program. Discover a step-by-step system for starting a profitable online business, from scratch (that you’re super passionate about and that makes you happy)

A Snapshot Of What You’ll Get

A digital business system that includes all the marketing, products, systems and support you need to create a life and business you love.

Access To Over 10,000 Expert Courses So You Never Have To Spend Another Dollar Or Minute Wasted On Finding Expert Advice On How To Grow Your Business

Whether you’re an existing business owner or simply looking to create more lifestyle freedom, our education program gives you the marketing know-how to start or grow an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world, from scratch! We’ve created easy-to-follow modules that are designed to be hands-on and refreshingly engaging. Each step clearly explains the actions needed to take your mindset and business venture to the next level. In our ‘Online Business, From Scratch’ program you’ll learn exactly how to choose a niche or idea, and then execute methods for monetizing and scaling your new business. This is fluff-free and actionable like no other program, as all the tools and technology you need are provided, as you follow along and copy the steps.


SFM private community

Exclusive Private Community Membership So You’re Always Connected And Supported – Never Feel Alone In Business Again!

Jump into the SFM Community at any time – you’ll be welcomed with a useful live-chat going on 24/7/365. Our private community is filled with enthusiastic, helpful people at various stages of their business progression, so you’ll make friends fast. With us, you’ll never feel like you’re on your own. 

SFM Product

Daily Master Marketing & Live Coaching Webinars So You’re Always Ahead Of The Market & Get Great Results In All Your Marketing & Advertising Efforts

Each time you sign in to watch our high-energy weekly webinars you’ll gain a heap of valuable skills and strategies to apply to your business and life. Our experts and leaders who host the trainings are already achieving great results, so they can shine the spotlight on how they do it so you never have to worry about what the next step is. Get ready for lots of Ah-Ha moments, and a whole new perspective on how to do business in 2021 and beyond!

Weekly Webinars

Live Events & Access To Past Live Event Footage So You Can Feel The Energy And Momentum Required To Catapult Your Business Into Success – this is where the magic happens!

At our popular live events, that are held all over the world, leaders in the SFM Community share their secrets of success and tricks of the trade. We make sure our live events are easy to get to and deliver nothing less than a dramatic impact on both your business and motivation levels. It’s all about keeping the momentum! This is by far my favourite part of being an SFM member and the most progress I see in my business is after I’ve attended a live event!


  • LinkedIn learning training and Mentors bulletproof advertising courses (pick and choose what’s relevant to your journey), you’ll never worry about how to generate leads and clients for your business again with this kind of training.

  • Complete 1 on 1 technical support so you don’t spend hours setting up, debugging and fixing technical problems, you can focus on your genius zone!

  • Done for you advertising materials, ready to use – this helps when getting started

  • Ready made web pages to market so you don’t have to spend hours learning about copywriting at the start, you can start generating leads asap.

  • An entire sales team doing the selling for you so you don’t have to worry about the high-ticket selling, Mentors handles all of that for you.

  • Daily webinars on a wealth of topics so you feel connected with a community and keep the momentum in your business.

  • Masterminding with other members so you’re sure you’re doing all the right things.

  • An exclusive Mentors community platform to connect with similar people on the same journey as you so you never feel loney in your business.

  • Webmaster tools (graphics, website creation, landing page creation, tracking tools etc…



How would it feel to get paid for your unique value and wake up every morning excited to start work because you’re finally living life on your terms and what you do actually has a positive impact on people’s lives?


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