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Join Tahnya on a value-packed Masterclass where she reveals exactly what you do and don’t need to break the chains of your 9 to 5, become your own boss and create a life and business you love, no matter what industry you work in or whether you believe this is possible for you or not. It’s simpler than you think!

What’s stopping you from stepping into your true potential, becoming your own boss and living the life of your dreams?

The root problem, for so many, is that there is this thing called ‘Inertia’. Inertia, explained metaphorically is “People, like asteroids, are set on a path by those early forces and continue on that path throughout their lives, for better or worse, unless other forces alter its course. And, like asteroids, we are often unaware of the course we are on or what propels us down that path.”

Maybe you’re on a path with a roadmap that you didn’t actually choose for yourself, or that you’re aware of but you’re not sure how to change directions and create an entirely new destination? I was busy climbing the corporate ladder, thinking that was it for me… I was going to get to the top, buy a house, have a family, then retire. But after a quarter-life crisis, I realised God had other plans for me…

In your day-to-day life, do you ever:

  • Feel like there’s never enough time to do the things you really want to do, like enjoy the moment with loved ones, work on things you’re passionate about, or even start a new creative project or idea you’ve been daydreaming about?
  • Feel like you’d like to make more money and a bigger impact on the world but have no idea how?
  • Feel like your missing out on life because you’re stuck in an office, building someone else’s dream, instead of your own?
  • Get anxious or stressed when you think about your future?
  • Feel like you need change or a new challenge but have NO idea what?
  • Hate the fact your boss or someone else dictates your schedule like when you take holidays and for how long?
  • Worry whether you’re saving enough for your children’s education and you’re legacy?

These are the kinds of experiences almost every person has when entertaining the idea of starting a business, any kind of business! From the most successful people on earth to those who struggle to start anything, they all struggle with inertia, at some point.

While being your own boss and carving your own path to success has many benefits like; improving your standard of living, makes you happier and less stressed, enjoying more confidence and higher feelings of self-worth, until you recognise the inertia in your life that’s stopping you from playing full-out and all-in, it will keep you fearful and stuck.

The good news is that by leveraging a simple yet powerful online selling system, you can work less, earn more than your 9 to 5, work on things you’re enthusiastic about and become your own boss, all while empowering yourself with the skills you need to become fully self-reliant and improve your overall quality of life.

What more could you ask for!

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