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Tha Happiness Guide by Tahnya Iva


Make the most of the new ‘YOU’ economy!


Day 1

You’ll learn about what I like to call ‘The Ultimate Business Model’ that sets you up for maximum freedom and flexibility, meaning if you have a laptop and internet connection you’re in business!

Day 2

You’ll get to see real world examples and receive step-by-step instructions on exactly how to turn your idea, passion or interest into a sustainable source of income online, without needing any experience.

Day 3

You’ll get super honest and no bullsh** advice on exactly what’s required from you, to make your dream transition from, the traditional economy (trading time for money in a labour intensive 9-5), to the new ‘YOU’ digital economy (uncapped income earning potential and life on your terms) and how to get started, the right way!

FREE 3 Day Masterclass

Discover an entirely new dimension of working and earning and dive into a world of limitless possibilities!

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We have thousands of students launching online businesses from scratch with no products or services. Our mentors guide them every step of the way from setting their goals to creating an online business that meets their needs. You will receive all of the tools and support any new entrepreneur needs and wants.

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Do you have a hobby, talent or idea? Our training platform and community guides you to create a business doing something you love. We train artists, coaches, and creators how to monetize their passions and skills. Learn to effectively reach global audiences that want your products or services. *You can earn commissions

Is Your Existing Business Struggling?

If you have already tried to earn online without success, this is the training for you. Online business is thriving and you should have a slice of it. Learn the critical keys to successful online businesses, from experts and mentors. Learn the most effective methods businesses are using online today and get the training and support to get you there.