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2 years ago today I was slaving away building someone else’s dream in a job that never really fulfilled me. Fast forward 2 years later and I’m now running my own lifestyle business that’s allowed me to create more time and location freedom to live anywhere I want, pursue my passions and be my own boss.

And like I said, life wasn’t always like this. I used to have 3 part-time jobs when I was at University just to get by. I worked and studied really hard, got myself a degree and landed my first job in the corporate world. I used to dream of climbing the corporate ladder but having been in that environment I realised I not only had to give up most of my time but some of my values too and to me that’s definitely not progress.

It took a good few years of being in the rat race, a couple of horrible bosses later and hitting some really low points in my life to understand what I didn’t want in life. And it took getting let go from my job to realise I didn’t want to work for someone else for the rest of my life, to live in fear everyday knowing my work wasn’t secure and I wasn’t valued. I was devastated when I got let go but instead of feeling like I’d failed I chose to see it as a gift. A gift from the Universe to really expand my soul, ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within me and create the life I’d always wanted. 

ignite your entrepreneurial spirit

You’re probably wondering what did I do to get to where I am today? 

Well you’ve probably noticed, technology and online business is taking over the world. I got myself a digital education, adapted to the current marketplace and became what I like to call a ‘digital entrepreneur’ where I earn a living working completely online. The ability to work from my laptop or phone with an internet connection to create a life filled with flexibility, freedom and more purpose excites me every single day. I built a successful online business, while still working in my day job but what’s been the most fulfilling part of this whole journey is that I’ve not only been able to reclaim my time and freedom to do more of the things I love but to also make a small difference in this world. Giving back is something I truly love and what was missing from my life. I volunteer and give back in any way I can, when I can but the best thing about my business is I have a global audience which means I have an unlimited amount of customers and it allows me to travel all over the world.

I took a holiday and volunteered in Bali for 2 weeks, teaching English and delivered much needed supplies. This experience ignited a fire within me to really create something meaningful in the world and to keep going. But in order to help other people, you have to help yourself first. 

ving total control over my life and my income is really what having an online business and fulfilling lifestyle is all about. A limitless life where you have the freedom to work on things you’re truly passionate about and live a life that will actually move you closer to your dreams rather than further away from them.

So I use systems and technology to free up my time so I can do the things that matter most to me. Yes I’ve put in the dedication and commitment but I’ve been able to model and duplicate others’ success by simply following this proven system. In other words it can be duplicated by absolutely anyone with the right mindset, work ethic and the desire for more in life. You don’t need any tech skills or even a product to get started. We give you literally everything you need to start a profitable online business, from scratch. You too can take this proven vehicle and go from stuck and unfulfilled  to happy and on purpose!

There’s so much changing in the world and while change is inevitable, progress is not. Progress in life is made up of conscious actions, a decision to follow through and to do whatever it takes to create your limitless life. So if you want to progress in life, if you’re hard working, you have a burning desire for something more and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and you’re not looking for a get rich quick scheme where you think by clicking a few buttons the money will just roll in, because we all know that doesn’t exist, I’d love to share with you a free 4 Day video training that helped me get started online and helped me create the limitless and fulfilling life I have today.

My mentor Stuart Ross, one of the best digital entrepreneurs in the world, has an education company. He’ll show you exactly how you can break free from an unfulfilling life, gain financial independence and teaches you exactly how to build a successful online business, from scratch, around your day job. Not only that, you’ll also be introduced to an incredible community of like-minded digital entrepreneurs who are super passionate about helping people build businesses that they love.  If you’re ready to take massive, inspired action and change your life, click the banner below, enter your name and email and I’ll see you on the other side.

What will you do with your limitless life?

Click this link to get access to the FREE training videos.

Tha Happiness Guide by Tahnya Iva 

A note from the author

I believe everybody deserves to live life with the freedom to be their authentic self. The journey back to self after years of social conditioning, gaslighting, manipulation and generational trauma can be complicated and lonely but it doesn’t have to be long.  I’m pleased to be able to offer a complimentary call to anybody who feels working together might be beneficial for them. You can book a private coaching call with me here. It’s completely free.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I got started and built a successful online business around my passions that allows me to work where, when and how I want, I highly recommend checking out my FREE Masterclass on how you can become your own boss and ditch the 9 to 5 for good. I’m passionate about helping people escape the 9 to 5 because it’s also what broke me and led me down a path of deep healing and self discovery. You don’t have to stay anywhere your soul doesn’t belong! In the Masterclass, I reveal a powerful way to start earning an income online so you can enjoy the freedom and success you deserve. Click here to access the FREE Masterclass now.




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