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Trauma-informed intuitive healer, love and relationship coach, educator and online business owner living in New South Wales, Australia

Healer, Educator, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Never in a million years did I think I’d be guiding and mentoring women in their awakening and healing journey.

I was a high-acheiving, corporate ladder climber and over-committed bubbly socialite. The perfect employee. The perfect friend. I never rocked the boat too much and I people pleased my way under the radar.

Life coaching and entrepreneurship didn’t occur to me as a path I could take, let alone succeed in.

I was earning a comfortable salary in my corporate job (close to 6 figs incase you were wondering). In my eyes, I’d made it. I had a goal of earning six figures before my 30th birthday and I did exactly that.

But I wasn’t happy…

That’s the thing about awakening, you realise you’ve been living on autopilot you’re entire life.

 We navigate life in such a way that we become numb to our intution and the importance of things like finding our purpose, reaching our potential and even death.

I don’t mean to sound morbid but betrayal, hardship, loss, change, grief, depression, anxiety and death are a part of life but we’ve been conditioned to forget about the truth of who we are so we don’t express our true, authentic self and play small in every way.Professionally, spiritually, and financially!

As it so happened, I found myself battling with every thing that could possibly go wrong in my life from the ages of 26 to 30. My 20s were extremely difficult and there was deep sorrow and my identity up until that point died a slow and painful death. It was lonely and painful, thankfully I had an incredible support network and still the shame of loneliness and depression consumed me.

Tha Happiness Guide was born from a place of yearning and wisdom.

I knew the only way I was going to be able to free myself of the despair I felt was by talking about it and working towards a worthy goal.  

I was born and raised on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. I grew up with 2 brothers (one younger, one older) and my parents divorced when I was 22. I didn’t realise it at the time but their divorce really negatively impacted my life.

I dated emotionally unavailable men in my YOUTH and early 20s. This massively impacted my self-esteem and confidence as I entered the ‘real world’. I had to do a lot of work on myself, in my mid to late 20s, to shift my personal beliefs and the perception I had of myself that was holding me back in life.

Once I BEGAN to do the inner work and RECONNECTED WITH MY INNER CHILD, I became THE EMBODIED LEADER, HEALER & EDUCATOR THAT STANDS BEFORE YOU TODAY. I began exploring all the ways I could share my unique gifts with the world.

I tried lots of different business ventures and creative projects but nothing felt quite right and NOTHING EXPANDED MY SOUL & BEING THE WAY I WANTED IT TO… 

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

– Gandhi

I coudn’t help but feel out of integrity and alignment with my soul’s true calling, every time I ran a Facebook ad or posted an insightful video on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, I had the knowledge, the life experience and the leadership training I needed to succeed but something was still off. Everything felt like a grab for money or to prove my worth to the world and to myself. 

All I wanted was enough money to cover basic living expenses so I could explore my passions, heal from years of societal conditioning and create something that would leave a positive impact on the world and leave behind a legacy for my family. That’s not asking too much, right?

My self-esteem was so low that I only ever made a couple of hundred dollars a month in my ‘so-called’ business ventures.

So, you’re probably wondering, how can Tahnya help me?

After graduating from University with a Business degree (Marketing Major), I wanted to fast track my career so I moved to the biggest city in Australia, Sydney.

After 1 year in Sydney, working for a global advertising agency, I quickly realised that the dog-eat-dog corporate world wasn’t for me. But I spent the next 8 years in and out of corporate roles. Working for some of the largest companies in Australia and managing millions of dollars in ad spend taught me a thing or two about how to manage my time effectively, how to manage large sums of money, how to be productive and efficient and how to lead a team to success.

But like I told you earlier, something was missing. My soul was yearning for freedom, for meaning, more a purpose beyond spreadsheets and profit. I was desperate for change, radical change!

Healer, Educator, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Being the risk-taker I am, I made the scariest decision I’ve ever made in my life! I quit my high-paying corporate career and committed to the entrepreneurial journey. ‘Whatever it takes’ was my mantra!

I took a 4 week spiritual hiatus to Bali, Indonesia and with the little business experience I had, I started a Facebook Ad agency.

The result…

A BIG FLOP and drained nearly all my savings!

Deep down I knew it wasn’t the path for me but it was all I had ever known, advertising other people’s products online. Aside from my soul’s calling of being an intuitive healer and guide for the emotionally broken, I didn’t think I could actually have a career doing it…

After giving up on my dream of being a business woman, I ended up going back to my corporate advertising career but this time I couldn’t handle it.

The corporate environment was messing with my mental health.

With a very high performance expectation at every minute of the day I couldn’t see how I would sustain this into motherhood and family life, let alone life in general!

I was miserable. I remember thinking, I’d rather move back in with my Mum and work part-time until I figure out what my next move will be. It was a quarter life crisis! P.S I highly recommend listening to this podcast episode about quarter life crisis’ if it’s something you’re going through right now. Click here to listen now.

Here’s when everything began to change for the better…

After learning from my first business venture failure, that never aligned with my soul’s calling, I knew, if I was to ever to try again. it would be doing something I LOVED. It had to be aligned with my highest personal values and feel effortless.

The lifestyle business opportunity…

The internet and social media has provided us with incredible opportunities that make having a lifestlye business possible.

What do I mean by a lifestyle business? 

Simply put, a business, that’s built around a passion, interest or expertise and then automated so you can make money while you sleep. There are tonnes of different business models you can get started with. If you’re interested in learning more, grab the free video workshops that helped me get started online here.

Before the internet people didn’t have a lot of choice and most sacrificed their values and dreams to put food on the table.

Well, those days are over honey!

It’s crazy to me that so many people are still living pre-internet!

Skepticism is the type of thinking that keeps people stuck in life. It’s why most people are still commuting to jobs they hate and continue living paycheck to paycheck.

If you aren’t open to new opportunities, you’ll never truly explore your full potential and I don’t know about you but I don’t want to read my tombstone and for it to say, “Corporate ad woman and good friend, when she had the time.”

Spend 10 minutes on YouTube and you’ll find thousands  of people who have adapted their mindset to the digital economy and are living life on their terms, sharing their gifts with the world and earning a livable wage doing it.

I was introduced to the world of affiliate marketing and e-Commerce by The Six Figure Mentors. An online education and mentorship platform designed for people specifically like me. People looking for more time, money and freedom to do what they love. I began learning from two of the best digital entrepreneurs in the world and was loving what I was learning so much that I began attending online and in-person events and invested in high-level mentorship and well, the rest is history.

The Six Figure Mentors - Tha Happiness Guide

I learnt how to attract my ideal clients online, how to grow an email list, how to sell high-ticket products, how to create my own products and all the cool awesome stuff that comes with launching and scaling a profitable online business around my passions.

I was less stressed and anxious about the future and I was fulfilled in the work I was doing.  I even met the love of my life because I had given up such a hectic work schedule and began focusing on my own personal growth and soul expansion. I was SOUL much happier.  

I’d let go of what the traditional idea of success was and pursued my soul’s calling.

P.S Success and purpose isn’t something you find then all of your problems go away.

Quite the contrary actually…

You’ll come up against new challenges as an entrepreneur but that’s the thing, happiness isn’t the absence of problems. It’s having problems you actually want as opposed to problems you don’t want.

Starting a lifestyle business still requires consistent effort and showing up everyday, but it’s different…

Your energy is different. There’s a spring in your step because you’re doing what you love, you’re helping people and you’re making a difference. It feels worth it.

Healer, Educator, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I think this is a good time for me to tell you that I can’t help everyone. 

I can’t help you if you’re not willing to invest in yourself, both time and money. 

I can’t help you if you think you can figure this all out on your own.

I can help you if you have a burning desire for something more and I can help you if your stuck and unsatisfied in a career that’s draining your life energy and you want radical change!

Are you in a job that’s holding you back from pursuing your dreams?

Are you running a business that’s taking up all your time and defeats the purpose of why you started the business in the first place?

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere and nothing you do makes you truly happy?

Do you feel replaceable in your career and simply want a Plan B?

Or do you really want more out of life and a second income stream would help free up your time to do more of the things you love? 

3 secrets to overcome doubt and overwhelm

 :)If this doesn’t sound like you, I’m sorry, I can’t help you. 

You might be curious about this “online stuff” and that’s awesome! Research gives you direction but I’m only able to help people who can see past the “cool” factor and really want to put in the work to move forward in their lives and create something that makes them want to jump out of bed in the morning!

Tha Happiness Guide is about providing education, empowerment and mentorship to those who are seeking radical change and healing.

If you’re still here reading this then I can probably help you 🙂

I want you to imagine living a life that allows you to be your true, authentic self, while doing work that aligns with your core values and makes a difference in the lives of others.

Imagine working where, when and how you want and living life completely on your terms…

Imagine earning an income that matches your excitement right now…

That’s who I’m here to help! 

Now, picture your life in 5 years from now and if you say no to this opportunity and go about your day? 

Will it look much different?

It’s easy to get sucked into the online world and all it offers and even harder to know who to trust and where to start so whatever you do, for God’s sake just pick one thing and stick with it for more than 3 months!

Commit to it and see it all the way through.

You’ll have a much higher chance of success this way. Trust me. From someone who’s tried it all.

Healer, Educator, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The online selling system, education and mentorship I used to get started has made ALL the difference between where I was and where I am now!

Mentors has students in over 120 countries.

and we’ve helped:

  • 10 people make their first million dollars in less than 18 months and they started completely from scratch.
  • hundreds of people make their first ten thousand dollars online.
  • hundreds of people improve the quality of their lives within only 30 days of working with us. (Not all money related.)

I’m really proud to partner with Mentors and wholeheartedly swear by their online education programs and mentorship.

I’m also proud of the fact I took a risk and took this opportunity without second guessing myself.

I now help people, from all over the world, start and scale an online business they’re passionate about, that gives them the flexibility, freedom and independence they desire.

I wake up every single day with a purpose and burning fire in my belly! My only regret – wishing I’d discovered this system sooner! I would have achieved what I wanted in life faster but the most valuable lesson I’ve learned so far is patience. If you don’t have it, you’ll give up just before the breakthrough!

Remember, a farmer doesn’t plant a seed and expect a harvest the next day or even in a few weeks. Be patient with yourself and stay consistent and I promise you, you’ll get there.

Short Disclaimer: The idea of having more freedom in your life is desirable, but freedom also requires responsibility. If you don’t think you have the discipline or patience to start a business I probably can’t help you. You need to really want this for yourself and you need to really want my help.

You’ve probably noticed by now that most online marketers use hype and exaggeration to influence you to make a decision. They can prey on your vulnerabilities for a quick buck. It’s definitely not what I’m about and it’s definitely not what Mentors is about.

I left the corporate world because of all the manipulation and dog-eat-dog tactics. I make sure I’m always operating from a place of integrity, transparency and honesty. These are some of my highest values. 

I’m committed to working with people like you, who are 100% committed and serious about getting the results they need to move forward in their life and in their business.

How do you know you can trust me?

You can check out my videos on YouTube or you can can also connect with me on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to reach out! I love connecting with like-minded people. 


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If they keep following the advice we teach, their income will increase year, after year, after year. Just like it has for many students who started with us years ago!

And that’s not all…

We also help you gain both time and geographical freedom.  

But in order to achieve these results you have to take action.

You’re 100% responsible for the results you get in your business and if you don’t take action on what you learn, things won’t change for you.


Do you have a burning desire for something more?

Do you have a desire for a better quality of life with more freedom and flexibility?

Do you have a deep desire to discover your purpose in life?

Do you want to be able to call your boss and tell them, ‘It’s not you, its me…’ 

If you answered yes to any of the above then you’re ready! I announce you ready and willing to start building a life and business you love!

Not what your parents wanted for you or what society told you, you should do. A life and business that’s aligned with the very core of who you are so that it’s effortless and sustainable for years to come.


Let’s explore the possibility of working together. I invite you to check out our free video training first, it explains exactly how you can start creating income streams online, around your passions.

It’s a step-by-step training that changed my life forever and I’m inviting you to the exclusive workshops here. Can’t wait to see you inside!  

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